Best roof tents for trucks 2021

At least according to the manufacturer’s manual, rooftop tents are getting cheaper every year and continue to open up new areas of car and SUV camping for the masses. Today we are going to test this requirement by showing you the latest off the ground tents model for 2021. You can count on these novices to introduce more aerodynamic designs, lighter, more practical and more comfortable products.

1.Skycamp Mini from iKamper

Skycamp Mini is equipped with a comfortable memory foam mattress, in addition to enjoying the beautiful view of the world map, it can also accommodate 2 people.
The canvas is 300 g / m2 polyester cotton, waterproof even with roof windows, has excellent breathability and good air circulation, and is protected in winter. Skycamp Mini RTT weighs only 125 pounds or 57 kilograms and is suitable for small vehicles. The Skycamp Mini roof tents are made of breathable and waterproof cotton canvas. In order to keep you really dry, it is also equipped with waterproof zipper and rain cover, which can further protect your body.
  1. Mini open: 80.7 (L) x 50.4 (W) x 45.3″ (H)
    2X open: 82.6″ (L) x 54.3 (W) x 45.3″ (H)
    2.0 open: 82.6″ (L) x 82.6 (W) x 45.3″ (H)
  2. Mini closed: 57.1 (L) x 54.3 (W) x 12.5″ (H)
    2X closed: 85.8 (L) x 54.3 (W) x 12.5″ (H)
    2.0 closed: 85.8 (L) x 54.3 (W) x 12.5″ (H)
  3. Mini Weight: 125 lbs
    2X Weight: 120 lbs
    2.0 Weight: 160 lbs
Skycamp Mini from iKamper

Skycamp Mini from iKamper

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2.Roofnest Falcon off the ground tents

The Falcon is a 50-inch wide aluminum one-piece roof tent, which when closed, is less than 7 inches high. Its four sides have auxiliary channels for connecting awnings, etc., and an optional set of crossbars for carrying bicycles, kayaks, snowboards or any other items. LED lighting is now integrated!

  1. Style: flip
  2. Sleep: 2
  3. Ideal for: all vehicles
  4. Cross-border assistance: yes
  5. Store thick beds: No
  6. Weight: 140 pounds
  7. Internal dimensions: 88 inches (length) x 48 inches (width)
  8. Size: 90 inches (length) x 50 inches (width)
  9. Structure: honeycomb aluminum
  10. Includes tent: 7.5 foot ladder, anti-condensation pad, two detachable pockets, thickened ceiling and LED lights!

Roofnest Falcon

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Among the booming off the ground tents of various shapes and sizes, the Mini from the Vienna startup Gentle off the ground camping tent truly stands out due to its portability and inflatable structure. It weighs only 42 pounds, is one of the lightest models on the market, and can accommodate 99.9% of all vehicles.

  1. Lightweight roof tent, weighing only 19 kg, with a surface covering of 110 cm x 200 cm
  2. The long and narrow packaging size is only 140 x 51 x 15cm
  3. Can be installed next to the roof box or on a canoe on the roof
  4. One person can assemble and install
  5. Panoramic mosquito-repellent window all around
  6. The setting time is about 5 minutes
  7. Applies to 99.9% of all vehicles
  8. Includes housing for additional heat and weather protection, 12V compressor pump, hand pump and telescopic ladder


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4.Drifta Wild Land off the ground camping tents

Drifta Wild Land is a hard shell off the floor tent weighing only 114 pounds and only 6.3 inches thick, making it the most popular product in this segment. The hull is made of aluminum and is completely flat. In this way, it can carry 220 pounds of cargo during the journey.

Drifta Wild Land


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5.TentBox Lite

The lightweight soft shell version is lighter and more compact than the other products in the TentBox series, with an aluminum frame and supported by a telescopic ladder. The main body of the off the floor tent is made of weatherproof and tearproof canvas with PU film.

The new TentBox Lite weighs only 50 kg. TentBox Lite is ultra-lightweight and affordable, while still maintaining the excellent TentBox quality you expect.
So far, this is the lightest design of the brand and can be used regardless of size. TentBox Lite can be folded to the side of the car, which means its size will not be affected when opened, and the size on the roof is only half of its size.
  1. External dimensions when closed: L214 x W125 x H30cm
  2. External dimensions when opened: L214 x W125 x H100cm
  3. Interior dimensions: L210 x W124 x H95cm
  4. Weight: 50 kg
  5. Outer hard shell material: reinforced fiberglass
  6. Fabric: 320g / m2 tear-resistant polyester cotton canvas with PU coating

TentBox Lite

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Designed to fit most vehicles equipped with roof racks. The general rule is to ensure that the dynamic load capacity of the stand is at least equal to the weight of the tent. This is the weight that the luggage rack can physically support when the vehicle is in motion. However, you should check the manufacturer’s luggage rack system to make sure it can support the weight of the tent.

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