Some coolest camping gadgets that exist that most people don’t know about.

Everything you need to make the great outdoors even greater.

1. A lightweight (yet strong) portable hammock built for two.

“What makes any camping trip for me is my hammock: an ENO DoubleNest (the best pound and a half of gear I own). Nothing compares to lying in a hammock in the middle of nowhere, just soaking in the peace or reading a book. Depending on the weather (and the bug situation), I often spend the night there instead of my tent.”

2. An inflatable, solar-powered light.

“It can last for up to six hours. I hooked it on to my backpack while I was hiking and at night it light up my whole campsite.”

3. And a self-inflating sleeping pad.

“Not only does it make sleeping on a hard ground (or rocks) way more comfortable, but people underestimate the power of having a protective underneath layer insulating your body and keeping you warm.”

4. A magnesium bar that will make starting a fire so much easier.

“Nice to have when you’re out in the rain or the firewood is damp!”

5. A microfilter for purifying water from lakes, streams, and other natural water-sources.

“My MSR has filtered hundreds of gallons of water in its time and continues to work beautifully (with a few filter changes, of course). Modern filters are small and lightweight and will often fit onto a Nalgene bottle. A definite must for anyone planning on more than a day hike.”

6. Or awater bottle with a filter built right in to the straw.

“You can drink from any water source instantly. We would have died without it on our backpacking trip!”

7. A tent that will stand up to a LOT of wear and tear.

“I will never buy a tent from anyone but Kelty ever again. I went on an 18-week road trip and used my Kelty tent every night. It survived being stomped by a moose and a hail storm in the Badlands. Plus, they have an amazing lifetime warranty for repair/replacement.”

8. A perfect-for-a-family lantern that can break down into four smaller lights.

“The Coleman LED lantern has four detachable panels that can be powered individually or together on the base. It’s crazy bright.”

9. Matches you can use in the midst of a storm.

“They are very cheap, but they help so much when you’re out and it’s raining or windy. I have a pack in my backpack at all times.”

10. A pair of cushiony socks for tired feet..

“Every time I go backpacking or peak-bagging, my favorite item is that extra special gift I set aside for when I’m super tired: a brand new pair of Smartwool socks. There are few feelings more rewarding than soft, unblemished wool on tired feet.”

11. A reusable coffee filter for getting a caffeine fix when you’re miles away from the nearest Starbucks.

“It clips onto your cup and you pour hot water through it. Can I live without coffee? Yes. Should I have to? NO!”

12. Some simple bandanas you’re sure to find a use for.

“Pot holder, sweat rag, hand towel, wash cloth. Soak one in a cool creek and tie it around your neck to cool off. Use one to make a little pouch to carry things if you wander away from base camp. In an emergency, you could use one for bandages or as a tourniquet. Or as toilet paper.”

13. A dutch oven with a lid that you can use as a griddle.

“I love cooking on a campfire and you can make so much with a Dutch oven!”

14. ~Magical~ packages that’ll help keep you warm for up to 18 hours.

“I put them in my sleeping bag on chilly nights.”

15. A waterproof and quick-to-assemble cot to aid you in getting a good night’s rest.

“My Therm-a-Rest camping cot folds up to be extremely small and light, but sleeping just a few inches off the ground makes a huge difference. It was a lifesaver while camping for two weeks in the Himalayas—the rest of the group was extremely jealous!”

16. A Leatherman multi-tool that’ll end up saving the day over and over again.

“We use it for everything: from opening cans to turning hot skewers on the grill.”

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17. A rugged water-resistant and crush-proof case to keep expensive (but small) items from being ruined.

“A lifesaver for your valuables!”

18. And a holder to prevent eggs from getting cracked before they’re meant to be.

“A must for successful breakfasts!”

19. A panini press to use over a campfire.


“You can do breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. Makes for super-cheap camping meals that are really good and can be as healthy or unhealthy as you like! No more relying on nasty hotdogs to keep meals cheap. Get quinoa bread and healthy fillings if you like. Do stuffed French toast. Whatever!”

20. A backpack you won’t hate having to carry.

“My back and shoulders thanked me for using this pack after my first few trips out!”

21. An easy-to-set-up tent for people who camp in large groups.

“It fits eight people and has a built-in light that you can attach a fan to.”

22. A Rubbermaid tote to store all your gear in.

“It’s super easy to grab and go, so we never forget a thing! Not exactly a special super-secret piece of gear, but it’s a lifesaver.

23. A compact personal cooking system that can bring water to a boil in only two minutes.

“It is so small and easy to use. Great for a beginner camper!”

24. A sleeping bag built for two.

“It’s super cozy for me and my hubby to snuggle up in.”

25. Or a personal sleeping bag.

“This thing is useful even when sitting out by a campfire or on a cold, rainy day. It has drawstrings that can be tied up around the waist for better mobility and zippered arm holes, a hood and pockets! A little pricey, but absolutely worth it! I’ve had mine for three years and it literally comes with me wherever I go!

26. A headlamp that will basically turn you into a camping Rudolph.

“A headlamp has really made my life easier while camping. I do not leave home without it.”

27. A device that keeps away bugs without spray.

“My family spends a lot of time in the deep woods and this reusable repellant is one you don’t even spray on! Just turn it on and anywhere within 5-10 feet is completely protected from bugs. No other repellant has compared to this one.”

28. A poncho that’ll keep you dry in more ways than one.

“You can use it for its intended purpose (when it rains) or as a small tarp to put under your sleeping bag if you’re camping under the stars. You could also can put one over a log in the morning so you don’t get your butt damp from dewy wood, etc. People talk smack about ponchos, but they’re actually pretty amazing.”

29. Some soap that’s actually safe to use out in nature.

“Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid soap. It’s great to use for almost everything: from washing clothes to washing your body to brushing your teeth to cleaning the dishes!”

30. And if you can truly never get enough when it comes to outdoor products, sign up for Cairn.

“It’s a subscription that sends you a package full of camping and outdoor gear every month!”

I hope I have redeemed you

Here’re the coolest camping gadgets, accessories, and everyday camping gear required for a great camping experience, as the following:

31. Outside Van Power Station

As the name suggests, this innovative camper comes with a variety of power generating equipment. These include solar panels, battery packs and a diesel-powered heating system. It also has an electric bike charging station and three high-output batteries. Its spacious interior has five passenger seats, cargo net storage space on the interior of the rear door, full sound and heat insulation and a modular bed shelf.

32. Suaoki Solar-Powered Portable Generation

Featuring a Li-ion battery offering 500Wh / 137,700mAh capacity, the Suaoki G500 is able to power a Mavic Pro drone for nine hours, a GoPro camera for six hours, a LED light (20W) for some 20 hours, a laptop for 45 hours and a phone for 90 hours. Although there are other solutions in the market in this segment, the G500 offers some extra versatility, with its USB/AC/DC outlets and mega capacity.

33. Enkeeo Collapsible Solar Basket – Lantern

This solar basket lantern features a tested IP67 waterproof housing and it can be folded to a palm-sized disk that is easy to carry for your journey. It can be usb-powered or solar powered via the built-in solar panel. You can use it to collect water or light dark places or just for fun.

34. Waterblade Stingray:

The Waterblade Stingray is an inflatable motorized paddle board that can be steered by your legs alone. Unlike in surfing, you don’t need waves to ride the Stingray. It’s being propelled forward with the installed electric motor. The motor’s propeller safely rests in the special cage to keep you safe. The Waterblade has 5 levels of speed when moving forward, and 3 when moving backward.

35. Biolite Campstove USB Charger:

Turn fire into electricity and charge phones, headlamps, and lights with this USB wood-burningCampStove. Smokeless flames cook meals and boil water in…..

36. Sea To Summit Pocket Shower :

If there are times in the backcountry when nothing but a warm shower will make you feel better, get the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower